Futurehealth Winter Brain, Optimal Functioning & Positive Psychology and StoryCon Meeting

Jan 19-22, 2007 Palm Springs, CA  Pre-Conference Courses Jan 15-18        

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The 2006 Conference Schedule is not final yet. Take a look at the 2005 Meeting schedule to get an idea of how The Meeting will look

Rooms for the Conference hotel, the Hilton Palm Springs Resort are Still available . Call 760-320-6868 to make your reservation. Refer to the "Futurehealth meeting" to get the conference rate.


Pre-Conference Workshops
Post Conference Workshops
Saturday, Feb 5 Special Dinner $37 before the day of the dinner $41 on Saturday.
Sign up at the registration desk.

Lunchtime discussions are free. They will occur in the restaurant next to the conference center.


Workshops and plenary presentations that are in bold are eligible for CE. See the PDF files listed above.

Friday Feb 4   Winter Brain/ StoryCon
        Saturday  Feb 5    Winter Brain/StoryCon
Plenary Sessions                 Plenary Sessions
Track A StoryCon Track B Track A   StoryCon Track B

7:35 M.H.M. Breteler+, I. Litjens+ & M. Arns* & K. Fallahpour * A Comparison of an SMR/Theta protocol and a Broadband inhibition protocol in Peak Performance Training: effects of augmentation vs. suppression?

7:20 Thom Hartmann The Edison Gene 7:20 Thom Hartmann The Edison Gene
7:40 Lewis Mehl-Medrona Cultural Effects on Perception of Body Sensation 7:50  Tom Brod Integrating Custom Musical Programs Into Emergent-Variability Neurofeedback. 8:00 Rae Tattenbaum: Using Elite Performer Biographies and Skill and Ability Stories to Enhance Performance 8:00  Kamran Fallapour  Prediction of Treatment Efficacy in ADHD using qEEG, ERPs, autonomic measures and Neuropsych screening  Implications for Neurofeedback
8:20 Richard Soutar The Self With A Million Faces 8:20 Larry Lytle Understanding Energy Medicine and Low Level Laser Physics

 8:30 Lewis Mehl-Medrona The social construction of bipolar disorder -- is it "real" or is it a story?

8:30 Mike Linden Neurofeedback with Autistic Spectrum Disorder: What Are Successful Outcomes?
9: 00 Break

9:20  Rob Kall Meeting Opening 

9:40 Rob Kall Story Consciousness; how consciousness and understanding change as story media and understanding change

9: 00 Break

Fri 9:20  Rob Kall Meeting Opening

 9:40 Hershel Toomim  Report on the 180 Subject Thai Autism Study

9:10 break

9: 30 Michael Hauge Story Structure and Personal Transformation: Mapping the Journey from Identity to Essence

9:10 Break

9:30 Bill Scott Quantifying Chaos; new non-linear ways of imaging EEG

10:20 Doug Stevenson Story Theater - Making Content Come Alive


10:20 Panel: Collura  Brain, Mind, and Neurofeedback  The Next 100 Years


10:10 James Bonnet The Art of Storymaking: the New Path to Individuation and the Philosophers Stone

9:50 Panel: Issues in the Diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Implications for Neurofeedback  Michael Linden, Ph.D. Moderator  Linda Thompson, Ph.D. Joel Lubar , Ph.D

11:05 Break

11:20  Allen Roland  Seeing our Life as a Quest vs. a Struggle

 11:05 Break

 11:20 Tom and Linda Brownback Pathways Through the Brain Part II

10:50 Steve Barnes  Storytelling and the evolution of human consciousness" ?  About 30,000 years ago there was a revolution of human perception, and on the other side of it, we homo sapiens would never be the same.  While we created storytelling, it might be just as accurate to say that storytelling created us...

10:50  Les Fehmi Attention Flexibility Training:  Synchrony or Not?

  12:00 Exhibitor presentations 11:30 Break

11:40 Karl Pribram The Brain and the  Narrative "I"

11:30 Break

11:40 Roger DeBeus The Efficacy of Attention Training with ADHD Children; Double Blind, Placebo Controlled Study

12:10 Jim Hardt Alpha and ADHD

12:15 Thom Hartmann The Cultural Impact of Stories and Myths 12:20 Victoria Ibric Enhanced Neurofeedback training 12:10- 12:40 Lou Cozolino  Narrative as Brain Function Integrator 12:40 Exhibitor presentations


Lunch 1:00
 lunchtime discussions:
 -Mind and consciousness
-qEEG Topics
-Shamans as change agents
-Story Structure and Design
Lunch 1:00
 lunchtime discussions:
-Working with ADHD
-Story,  myth & personal transformation
Fri. Afternoon workshops Sat. Afternoon workshops
2-4 PM Lewis Mehl- Medrona Voices and Stories of the Shamans

 2-4 PM Lewis Mehl- Medrona Narrative Medicine: Integration of shamanic wisdom and modern science

4-6 PM Steven Barnes "The Genius Zone"--the first holistic writing system

4-6 PM James Bonnet The Fundamentals of Storymaking for Writers, Therapists, and Healers

2-6 PM Doug Stevenson Story Theater – Creating the Sympathetic Experience

2-6 PM Joel Lubar Precision EEG Artifacting and LORETA Analysis

2-6 PM Sue Othmer Interhemispheric EEG Training:  Discussion and Demonstration

2-6 PM Thomas Brownback and Linda Brownback The BMA Neurodiagnositc Data & 10-20 System Integration

2-6 PM Lynda and Michael Thompson Asperger’s, ADHD, or Seizure Disorder ? Differential Diagnosis and Intervention

2-6 PM Thom Hartmann NLP writing Tools for Success

2-6 PM Thomas Brownback and Linda Brownback Functions & Pathologies Within 10-20 System -An Integration

2-4 Ray Tattenbaum:  Strategies and Techniques for Scripting Powerful Mental Images and imagery-- telling a story to the brain. There's a lot more to mental imagery than visualizing laying on a beach.

4-6 pm Michael Linden QEEG Diagnosis & Neurofeedback Based Multimodality Treatment of ADD & ASD 4-6 Tom Brod and Marilyn Ginsburg "Merging with the Beloved: 'self-regulation' of the ecstatic with emergent-variability neurofeedback"

2-4 Allen Roland Heal your clients in seven sessions (not seven years) by jump starting their hearts

4-6 PM Karl Pribram  Recent Advances in the EEG Analysis of Subjective Experience".
2-4 Michael Hauge Bringing Out the Hero: Leading People on the Journey from Fear to Courage

Friday Evening

7:30-10:30 PM

7:30 Panel : Applied Neurophysiology's Shadow; is there a Guantanamo side to neurotherapies? (not taped)

8:15 Panel:  Story and Personal Transformation

 8:30 User technology groups see signs for locations
Brainmaster plaza A   , Deymed  plaza B, EEG Expert Horizon B,  EEG Spectrum  plaza D,  HeartMath caliente, Zengar Institute plaza C, Heartmath, Roshi boardroom, Thought Tech Horizon A

Saturday Evening

Sat 7-10 PM Lynda & Michael Thompson Neurofeedback Advanced (BCIA Review Course)

7:30 Optional Conference Dinner, after dinner entertainment



Sunday February 6

Winter Brain/Optimal Functioning

BCIA Exam 9:00 AM

Monday Feb 7 Tuesday February 8th
Plenary Sessions Plenary Sessions Plenary Sessions
Track A Track B Track A Track B

One Track

7:30 Allen Roland The Unified Field/ The ultimate synthesis of  the Heart and the Brain. 7:20 Peter Van Deusen The Law of Accelerating Returns and the Future of Brain Training 7:00 AM Edward O’Malley Does Neurofeedback Improve Sleep? 7:00 Carl Shames; The Unity of Human Life: basis of the mind and the brain  

8:00 Steve Barnes; The Mastery Technique: secrets of Self-Directed Human evolution

8:40 Louis Cozolino The Neuroscience of Psychotherapy

9:20 Break

9:40 Rollin McCraty The electrophysiology of Intuition; The surprising role of the heart.

8:00 Bill Scott Effects of an EEG  Biofeedback Protocol on a Mixed Substance Abusing Population

8:40 Beverly Rubik Blood Circulation Measurements via Photoplethysmography of Pulse Waves.

9:20 Break

9:40 Victoria L. Ibric and Liviu Dragomirescu Neurofeedback training in chronic pain syndromes

7:30 Barbara Fisher and Janice Thurber Attachment Disorder: Using qEEG Directed Neurofeedback and Other Tools for Taming the pre-frontal cortex

8:00 Jay Gunkelman The qEEG of Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)

7:30 John DeLuca Generating Wisdom and Compassion: QEEG and LORETA Findings


8:00 Mukul Vyas “When the Observer is the Observed; The Meditative Process Relevance to Biofeedback”

8:00 Rob Kall Big Pharma and Non-Drug Health Interventions

8:30 Karl Pribram Begone the Dragons of Eden; What's right and wrong with the Triune Brain Concept

10:20 Anna Wise No Time to Sit In a Cave; How can I get "there" fast?

11:00 Break

10:20 Panel: Pain and Neurofeedback Sig Othmer and Victoria Ibric

11:00 break

8:30 Sue Othmer Neurofeedback for the Bipolar Child

9:10 break

8:30 Richard Soutar Confounds of Training Westerners in Meditation From an EEG Perspective

9:10 break

9:10 Thomas Budzynski Energy Medicine: Exciting Area of Application

9:50 break

11:15 Nate Zinsser Building the Warrior Ethos; Mental Training for 21st Century Soldiers 11:20 Nancy White Enhancing Mental and Physical Health with Zero Point Energy

9:30 Sig Othmer Paradoxes in Neurofeedback and Biofeedback

10:10 Hershel Toomim Attention Controlled Feedback Display

9:30 Jan b. Newman Walking the Razor’s Edge; the role of neurofeedback on the spiritual journey


10:00 Beverly Rubik

12:00 Thom Hartmann A Return to Democracy: Reviving Jefferson’s Dream 12:00 Joel Lubar Status of the Field of Neurofeedback-- New Studies, New Projects, New Directions

Mon 10:30 Hershel Toomim Adverse Training Reactions to HEG

10:05 Jay Gunkelman A data-based mind/ brain/ consciousness model” 

10:40 Paul Swingle Emotional Release Techniques as Adjunct to Neurotherapy

  12:40 Exhibitor presentations

10:50 break

11:10 Panel Brain and Physics

10:50 Break

11:10 Panel Brain and Physics

11:30 Len Ochs Photonic Stimulation


  12:20 James V. Hardt & Anne Marie Jensen Biocybernaut Theta Training Enhances Reading in the Akashic Records 12:20 Valdeane Brown  The Neurophysiology of Compassion  
Lunch 1:00
lunchtime discussions:
- neurofeedback and spirituality
-bringing out the best in people
Lunch 1:00
lunchtime discussions:
- practice success factors
 -qEEG special applications
End of Plenary Portion of meeting
Sun. Afternoon workshops

Monday Afternoon workshops

Tues. Afternoon & evening workshops

2-4 pm Thomas Budzynski Neurofeedback in Twilight Learning: Communicating with the Non-Dominant Hemisphere

2-6 Peter Van Deusen Using BioExplorer Software 2-6 Len Ochs The Photonic Stimulator: Principles and Practices

4-6 Anna Wise The Awakened Mind-- the Wise Protocol-- For Trainers

2-6 Michael Thompson Biograph Infiniti Software tutorial 2-6, 7-10 Thomas Collura   Technical Foundations of Neurofeedback
2-4 Beverly Rubik How Do Different Types of Music Impact HRV, blood circulation, and ANS balance? 2-6 PM William Scott, Richard Soutar Demystifying Researched Alpha Theta Protocols 2-6, 7-10 Paul Swingle   K.I.S.S. Rapid, simple and straightforward diagnoses and treatment
4-6 Nate Zinsser Coaching Clients to Gain Confidence and Live confidently in an Intimidating Unfriendly World Mon 2-6 PM Thomas Collura BrainMaster Practicum - Basic through Advanced Neurofeedback with the Brainmaster 2-6, 7-10 Valdeane Brown  An Insider’s Guide to Neurocare Pro and Neurocareremote: what you need to know to get to work now.
2-6 PM Thom Hartmann Edison Gene ADHD Workshop 2-4 John DeLuca Heart Practices for Spiritual Transformation 2-6 Mukul Vyas The Fractal Journey From Matter to Spirit An Invitation to Anapanasati (from awareness of breath to that of body and mind) and Vipassana (arising of insight)
2-4 Rollin McCraty Psychological Coherence: the relationship between heart brain dynamics, positive emotions improved health and optimal performance 4-6 Diane Roberts Stoler Marketing: Neurofeedback: A New Frontier;   What’s in a Name?  
4-6 Louis Cozolino Interpersonal Neurobiology 2-4 Larry Lytle Using Low Level Lasers for Any Disorder: Balancing the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous System using Low Level Lasers and Proprioceptive feedback to the Brain  
2-6 PM Les Fehmi and Susan B. Shor   In Depth Presentation and Demonstration of How Coherence Training With Couples and Groups Impacts Attentional Flexibility 4-6 James Hardt and Anne Marie Jensen Introduction to Biocybernaut Multi-Channel Theta Training for Enhanced Reading of the Akashic Records  
2-6 PM Richard Soutar Neurofeedback Assisted Meditation    

Sunday Evening

8:00-10:00 PM

Paul Swingle trainwreck panel

Monday Evening

 Free Time






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