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John Lowan

John Lowan

John has been a meditation leader in both eastern and western disciplines (including Yoga, Transcendental Meditation, Vipassana, Contemplative, and Zen) for over 30 years. He has presented meditation workshops in Europe, Asia, and across North America. Using and designing EEG and Biofeedback technology since 1972, John studied with, assisted and co-taught with Anna Wise, a recognized pioneer, author, and authority on brainwaves and consciousness. He is currently a certified Neurotherapist and has taught neurotherapy and meditation integration at Brainmaster Technologies, the Esalen Institute, and the Mayo Clinic. A lively presenter and workshop leader, John has taught groups in meditation, communication, problem solving, leadership, and parenting.

Plenary #304):  Meditation and Neuroscience 

Neuroscience and Meditation
John Lowan, mediation teacher and certified neurotherapy trainer, and Paul Petty, meditator and physician with the Mayo Clinic, will lead an informative and experiential workshop that explores the integration of neuroscience and meditation techniques.

Participants will learn about the connection between brainwave patterns and states of consciousness, and how the advances in neuroscience have allowed faster access to deep states of consciousness. Discussion will include possibilities for lifestyle change now and further research for the future.

John and Paul will also demonstrate the new techniques with an alpha-state relaxation meditation for all participants.

Workshop #348):  The science of meditation 

A condensed version of a two day workshop on the Art and Science of Meditation. We will review discoveries from brain science which accelerate and enhance meditation. Participants will be offered enough experience and information and experience to develop a successful meditation practice.




Plenary #304):  Meditation and Neuroscience

Studies from several disciplines have now provided corroboration that meditation is not merely a placebo, that it provides substantial and long-term enhanced health, positive feelings of well being and peak performance.

Since the late 1960s, the developing field of neuroscience has made extensive observations of the brain in meditation with increasingly precise and powerful instruments. As a result of this knowledge, new techniques have evolved to accelerate and enhance meditation training. The efficacy of these techniques has, in turn, been verified by the same technology.

With these discoveries, we can now greatly increase access to deep meditation states that were in the past accessible to a few dedicated devotees. For those unable to retreat from the world, for those with families, careers and limited time, meditation enhanced by the power of neuroscience techniques offers new possibilities.

Participants will experience a powerful guided meditation developed from the synthesis of traditional guided meditation and neuroscience.

In our talk, we will present an overview of the new field of neuromeditation, including:

A brief description of the major contributions the fields of medicine and neuroscience has made to meditation over the past 35 years.

A description of the major brainwave states available in meditation with subjective analysis of related experiences.

A presentation of the brainwave patterns that reflect meditation states.

An understanding of the benefits available to people through mastery of the brain, and a brief review of some successful techniques to achieve that mastery.


Workshop #348):  The science of meditation

The effectiveness of mediation as a health, mood and performance enhancer is no longer in doubt; studies from multiple disciplines point to its benefits. Yet very few of us have the luxury of being able to withdraw into a monastery, cave or mountaintop to realize the full benefits of deep state meditation.

NeuroWave combines the science of neurotherapy with the power of ancient and modern meditation techniques to create a meditation training that is fast, effective and achievable in a modern lifestyle.

We encourage the full integration of meditation into everyday life and our goal is to have people become more creative, productive, connected and happier.

Anyone with an interest in starting or extending a meditation practice, or in the integration of neuroscience and meditation will likely benefit from this talk and the Beta state relaxation mediation we will experience.

In our talk, we will present an overview of the field of neuromeditation, including:

A brief description of the major contributions the fields of medicine and neuroscience has made to meditation over the past 35 years.

We will review EEG basics, the mind-body connection and EEG patterns which indicate states of meditation.

A description of the major brainwave states available in meditation with subjective analysis of related experiences:

Beta, the state we most experience day-to-day, has proven to be the most difficult area to master for most meditators, particularly those raised in our information overload age. We will present breakthrough techniques which have proven dramatically successful in providing the mastery of Beta necessary to entering the deeper realms of meditation.

Alpha represents a pleasant, calm, positive resting state that appears to act as a bridge to awareness of the deeper states of consciousness. Alpha provides enhanced performance for athletes, golfers, singers, martial artists or anyone who requires speed and accuracy with their hands or body. We will demonstrate a technique that provides rapid access to alpha for virtually everyone.

Theta is the brainwave frequency that we are producing in dreaming sleep. A very creative and intuitive state, Theta carries the potential for releasing powerful images and emotions. Based on our Neuro observations, we have developed an approach to access Theta safely and use its wonderful creativity.

Delta can provide a profound calming and deep meditation experience and appears related to empathy and connection with matters beyond the self. Meditators who have a conscious experience of Delta report that the state is both profound and psychologically healing. However, very few meditation systems have been successful in training Delta in more than a very low percentage of dedicated people. Our approach to Delta meditation is designed to give participants the tools to access and explore this state for themselves.


Contact Info:

John Lowan
5076 Old West Saanich Rd
Victoria, British Columbia  V9E 2B1 Canada


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