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Michael Linden

Michael Linden, Ph.D. has been the director of ADD Treatment Centers in Orange County & San Diego for 15 years. He was one of the pioneers in Neurofeedback and QEEG assessment for ADD in the 1990s and conducted several research studies with Joel Lubar & Vince Monsatra.

Recently, he has been conducting research on QEEG subtypes on Autism & Aspergers and using them to increase the efectiveness of Neurofeedback. His recent research will be published in the Journal of Early & Intensive Behavioral Intervention.

Published 5 research articles in the ADD area. Recently discovered unique subtypes of Autism & Aspergers. Dr. Linden's Neurofeedback treatment of Autism was featured this year in a NBC TV special entitled "Autism - The Hidden Epidemic"

Plenary #391):  Aspergers: Less severe but more difficult than Autism? 

This talk will describe the EEG & symptomatic difference between Aspergers and Autism. I will discuss how students with Aspergers are more difficult to work with in Neurofeedback then students with Autism based on behavioral, family and QEEG characteristics




Plenary #391):  Aspergers: Less severe but more difficult than Autism?


Contact Info:

Dr. Michael Linden Ph.D.
30270 Rancho Viejo Road
Suite C
San Juan Capistrano, California  92675

phone: 949-248-4399
cell: 949-933-5141
fax: 949-248-7511

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