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Jan 19-22, 2007 Palm Springs, CA  Pre-Conference Courses Jan 15-18        

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Kirby Seid

Kirby Seid has traveled the world for crystals, fossils and ancient artifacts with his mineral business, has taught workshops and designed tools for spiritual practices for the past 25 years. Kirby has a B.A. degree in psychology from UC Santa Cruz and teaches Light Labyrinth workshops across the US and leads seminars at Omega Institute in New York. He has been developing the Light Labyrinth Project in collaboration with artists and scientists who have worked with the Exploritorium in San Francisco and Apple Computers.

For more information call: Kirby Seid 510.233.6251 kirbyt23@earthlink.net www.ancienttechnologies.com

Plenary #381):  Introductory Presentation 

Join us for an exciting discussion introducing The Light Labyrinth Project, an exploration into three vectors of consciousness: the mineral kingdom through ancient quartz crystals, the consciousness of light and color and the expansion of human consciousness through shamanic journeying. We will discuss how crystals, minerals, hypnotic flickering light and sound have been used throughout history to access shamanic healing. The Light Labyrinth’s carefully selected meditation programs are a combination of strobe and stunning color effects projected through the heart of a fine quartz crystal. The programs are designed to produce various brainwave states that allow the viewer to break out of normal consciousness. Among those working with The Light Labyrinth are workshop leaders, hypnotherapists, scientists, musicians, artists, spiritual practitioners and shamanic teachers and healers. People around the world are currently using this technology to access profound meditation, enhanced group connection and accelerated learning/healing states.

Workshop #273):  Light Mind Technology: The Light Labyrinth and Music Visualizer 

Join us for a profound trance experience of cutting edge light and sound meditation with The Light Labyrinth and spectacular ancient quartz crystals. The Light Labyrinth™ incorporates an advanced technology of dazzling light meditation programs and brainwave frequencies that are projected into the fractals, fissures and veils of natural quartz crystals. The Light Labyrinth™ utilizes advanced light/mind technologies to help viewers access hypnogogic states for deep meditation, self-awareness, stress reduction, creative inspiration and inner guidance. Many spectacular ancient crystals will be included! The Light Labyrinth has helped viewers tap into accelerated learning/healing states and intuitions from the unseen.




Plenary #381):  Introductory Presentation


Workshop #273):  Light Mind Technology: The Light Labyrinth and Music Visualizer

Participants will have the opportunity for deep transcendent meditative experiences with The Light Labyrinth, Music Visualizer and large extraordinary quartz crystals.

Part 1: Discussion/Lecture -In this lecture we will discuss:
· The Light Labyrinth Project- integrating technology, art and spiritualty
o Motivations for altering consciousness- Dreamtime and imaginal realms
o Shamanic Gazes- gazes that activate different brain centers to stimulate shamanic experiences
o Formulation of the Light Form Programs and Music Visualizer
o Visual Resonance- Higher octave harmonic field, multiple levels of awareness
o Unfamiliar senses- what are they/ why it is important to develop them
· Physics and metaphysics of light and quartz crystals
o The light of physics and the light of consciousness
o Our relationships and response to color
o Physical properties of 100-200 million years old quartz crystals, their creation from geological forces, quartz impact on human consciousness
o Piezoelectricity, use in modern world, exploring crystals as consciousness
o How crystals refract, compress, combine with light to create complementary frequencies
Brief Break

Part 2: Facilitated trance meditation with The Light Labyrinth and Music Visualizer
· Exploratory meditation with the light forms, crystals and color
· Depending on the size of the group we will have multiple Light Labyrinths and spectacular large quartz crystals linked for simultaneous viewing

Part 3: Question and answer session with experiential feedback.

“The Light Labyrinth definitely puts me in a trance in a complete and total state of awe. It is a really good modality for accessing information. The Light Labyrinth always soothes my heart and makes everything OK, calm and peaceful” Louisa McKusky, Wise Awakening

“Almost every time I’ve spent about an hour with the Light Labyrinth, afterwards I have had very lucid dreams.” Randy Masters, teacher

“The Light Labyrinth enhances the group experience immeasurably - it amplifies the healing energy in the room!”Barbara LaRocca, hypnotherapist


Contact Info:

Kirby Seid
6016 North Arlington Blvd
San Pablo, California  94806

phone: 510.233.6251

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