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Kirby Seid

Kirby Seid has traveled the world for crystals, fossils and ancient artifacts with his mineral business, has taught workshops and designed tools for spiritual practices for the past 25 years. Kirby has a B.A. degree in psychology from UC Santa Cruz and teaches Light Labyrinth workshops across the US and leads seminars at Omega Institute in New York. He has been developing the Light Labyrinth Project in collaboration with artists and scientists who have worked with the Exploritorium in San Francisco and Apple Computers.

For more information call: Kirby Seid 510.233.6251

Plenary #237):  Neo Shamanic Mediatation with Light, Crystal and Brainwave Technology 

Join us for an introduction into cutting edge light and crystal technology designed for neo shamanic meditation. Participants will view one of the most powerful light and crystal experiences available. We will explore the importance of the mineral kingdom in this technology and introduce the The Light Labyrinth Project, including large spectacular quartz crystals and a Music Visualizer that allows you to see the music you are hearing with light, color and crystal! The Light Labyrinth helps facilitate pathways to dazzling inner journeys. This demonstration is appropriate for all those interested or involved in the mineral kingdom, shamanism, enhanced group process, healing, hypnotherapy & non-ordinary states of consciousness.

Workshop #192):  Neo Shamanic Meditation with The Light Labyrinth: Light, Crystal and Brainwave Technology 

Join us for an exciting workshop of deep trance meditation with The Light Labyrinth, an advanced technology of dazzling light forms and brainwave frequencies that are projected into the fractals, fissures and veils of large spectacular quartz crystals and are designed to encourage shifts in consciousness. The Light Labyrinth accesses shamanic liminal states - the spaces between conscious and unconscious, like dreaming. The visual light frequencies and crystals allow viewers to access profound peace, tranquility and spiritual guidance in an enchantingly beautiful experience. The Music Visualizer, which allows viewers to see music, will be included for an exciting multimedia experience!




Plenary #237):  Neo Shamanic Mediatation with Light, Crystal and Brainwave Technology


Workshop #192):  Neo Shamanic Meditation with The Light Labyrinth: Light, Crystal and Brainwave Technology

Description of talk
Note: The main part of this seminar will be experiential. Participants will have the opportunity for deep trancendent meditative experiences with The Light Labyrinth, Music Visualizer and large extraordinary quartz crystals.

Part 1: 3 part Discussion/Lecture
Neo Shamanism- wholistic approach to integrating technology, art and spiritualty
o Discussion of neo shamanism
o Relationship to world as living, animated
o Motivations for altering consciousness- Dreamtime and imaginal realms
o Unfamiliar senses- what are they/ why it is important to develop them
Physics and metaphysics of minerals and crystals related to Neo shamanism
o Basic physical properties of Quartz Crystals created from geological forces approximately 100-200 million years old and their affect on human consciousness
The Light Labyrinth Project- formulation of the technology and the Light Form Programs
o Development of the Light Forms
o Distraction and entertainment of the mind/ego
o Calibration and synergy of the triad of Light, Crystal and Human consciousness
o Visual Resonance- Higher octive/harmonic field, being in dreamtime, functioning on multiple levels of awareness, including subject/object relationship collapse
o Music Visualizer application- allows viewers to see what they are hearing. Light and color vibrations move with the ranges of sound frequency when played with music for spectacular results.

Brief Break

Part 2: Facilitated trance meditation with The Light Labyrinth and Music Visualizer
Exploratory meditation with the light forms, crystals and color
Depending on the size of the group we will have one to three Light Labyrinths with large quartz crystals linked by computer for simultaneous viewing

Part 3: Question and answer session with experiential feedback.


Contact Info:

Kirby Seid
6016 North Arlington Blvd
San Pablo, California  94806

phone: 510.233.6251

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