Futurehealth Winter Brain, Optimal Functioning & Positive Psychology and StoryCon Meeting

Jan 19-22, 2007 Palm Springs, CA  Pre-Conference Courses Jan 15-18        

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Sally Strackbein

Sally Strackbein

Sally Strackbein helps people express themselves in business and socially. She speaks and facilitates communication and story workshops. She has appeared on shows such as, NBC Nightly News, with Tom Browkaw, Fox News, NPR Marketplace, This is America with Dennis Wholey, and numerous other radio and television shows in the United States, France, Germany, Hungary, Australia and more.

Sally Strackbein
PO Box 710540
Herndon, VA 20171

Plenary #112):  Storytelling - the World's Greatest Marketing Tool, How to Create Stories That Persuade, Motivate and Sell 

Your own stories dramatically improve your ability to attract people and clients who are right for you. We explore how to use stories on websites, in marketing material and in "elevator speeches."

You learn how to turn your experiences into stories that touch emotions moving people to act. You learn:

=> Why today's marketing needs to be personal to work
=> How to craft stories that evoke emotions
=> How to find your own story and make it a marketing tool for you

Workshop #114):  Storytelling for Business Success 

In this experiential workshop, participants will discover and recover personal and professional stories. They will learn how to add essential details to make stories come to life. They will learn how to use personal stories to illustrate key points they want others to understand, retain and act on.

Participants will:

=> discover personal stories to use for business
=> identify attributes of a great business story
=> list the required components of a story
=> craft their own story during this workshop




Plenary #112):  Storytelling - the World's Greatest Marketing Tool, How to Create Stories That Persuade, Motivate and Sell


Workshop #114):  Storytelling for Business Success


Contact Info:

Sally Strackbein
PO Box 710540
Herndon, Virginia  20171

phone: 703-262-0361

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