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Jan 19-22, 2007 Palm Springs, CA  Pre-Conference Courses Jan 15-18        

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Bob Whitehouse

In private practice and consulting in Boulder and Denver, in pain, stress, anxiety, and educational applications. Started one of nation's first college biofeedback programs in 1974. Former AAPB Board member and Insurance/Legislative chair.

Workshop #95):  HEART and BREATH, an Integration of Research and Techniques 

Optimal Heart Rate patterns and efficient breathing are gateways to better brain function. This seminar will be be my integration of the works of Lehrer, Gevirtz, HeartMath, Cram, and Litchfield with a special emphasis on live monitoring and techniques for attaining 4 keys to health and optimal performance: healthy heart rate variability,Resonant Frequency heart waves, and mechanically and chemically efficient breathing. Surprising information will give new understandings of the emotional signatures in heart rate, the role of the heart in intuition, and what most of us have been doing wrong in teaching breathing.

Plenary #96):  Insurance Billing and Coding Considerations 

Insurance billing and coding for neurofeedback and biofeedback is now tricky. Whether you bill or have someone else do so, you may get in trouble if you don't know a few key points. In this talk you will learn what codes are best, who can use them and when, how to get pre-authorizations if needed, and how to handle denials. Also covered will be new codes, MediCare's policy, and what constitutes fraud.




Workshop #95):  HEART and BREATH, an Integration of Research and Techniques

Recent research lends credence to ancient views of the role of the heart and reveals its predictive power in mortality, longevity, loving relations, and intuition. Its spiral shape and function create an electromagnetic field that shares similarities with the presumed field of the universe. Points of view from three different camps of research will be shared. Techniques and demonstrations will be given for 4 keys to health and optimal performance: attaining healthy heart rate variability (HRV), the desired Resonant Frequency in your heart waves, and mechanically and chemically efficient breathing. Come explore the latest synthesis of research, theory, and technique about heart and breath and Dr. Whitehouse’s nearly 10,000 hours of watching heart rate and breathing patterns.
In addition to a PowerPoint presentation, there will be 4-7 techniques taught, handouts of readings and references, and live biofeedback monitoring of the mechanics and chemistry (ETCO2) for breathing, as well as Heart Rate Variability, spectral Heart Rate DFT (the frequencies that make up the cardiac signal, also now called Heart Waves). This will be understandable by anyone. The research will be a synthesis from the works of Paul Lehrer, Evgeny Vaschillo, and Richard Gevirtz, the Institute of HeartMath, Jeffree Cram, Peter Litchfield on breathing chemistry, the reports of heart transplant recipients, and seven steps from the Dalai Lama on expanding love. You will see emotional signatures in heart rate patterns, as well as the heart waves that accompany intuition, compassion, love, fear, anger, and passion and purpose.


Plenary #96):  Insurance Billing and Coding Considerations


Contact Info:

Bob Whitehouse Ed.D.
1400 28th St., Suite 1
Boulder, Colorado  80303

phone: 303-417-0293
cell: 303-717-8200
fax: 303-666-7160


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