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Intro to The Awakened Mind
2-Day Pre-Conference Workshop, February 1and 2, 2006
By Anna Wise


The Awakened Mind is a state that is clearer, sharper, quicker and more flexible than ordinary states.  Thinking feels fluid rather than rigid.  Your emotions are more available, easier to understand and to transform.  Information flows more effortlessly between your conscious, subconscious and unconscious.  Intuition, insight, and empathy increase and become more integrated into normal awareness.  One has a greater feeling of choice, freedom, and spiritual connection.  The intricate combination of brainwaves of the Awakened Mind has been found in spiritual masters, creative individuals with extraordinary talents, and people from all walks of life whose states of mind are emulated.
This workshop offers both a theoretical overview and a personal experience of the basics of Awakened Mind Training.
Theory of The Awakened Mind
     Includes Discussion of:
                 History and Discovery
                 Interrelationship of Peak Frequencies
                 Flow of Information between the Conscious and the Subconscious Mind
                 Interrelationship of the State and the Content of Consciousness
                 Organization and Stability
                 Sequential Awakened Mind
                 The Development of the Evolved Mind
Training The Awakened Mind
     Includes Discussion of:
            Brainwave Pattern Recognition
            Brainwave Pattern Interpretation
Taking Brainwave Profiles
Signature Patterns
The generic Wise Protocol for Awakened Mind Training
Establishing an Individualized Protocol
Training specific brainwaves and brainwave combinations
Neuromonitoring and Neurofeedback
The Importance of Relaxation to Awakened Mind Training
     Experiential Relaxation
     Subjective Correlates of State
     Relationship between the Body and the Mind
Theory and Experiential Practice of Beta Mastery
     Importance of the Tongue
     Concentration Exercises
     Withdrawal of the Senses
Theory and Experiential Practice of Alpha Development
     Alpha as the Bridge between the Conscious and the Subconscious Mind
     Changing Visualization to Sensualization
     Alpha Calisthenics
     Sensory Imagery Scale
Theory and Experiential Practice of Theta Development
     Theta Imagery vs. Alpha Imagery
     Theta Development Meditations and Techniques
     The House of Doors
     Dealing with the Content of the Subconscious
Adding Beta to Alpha and Theta to create an Awakened. Mind
     Using Content to Develop State
     Theory of “Working” Meditations
     Personal Transformation Meditation
     Other Methods of Awakened Mind Training    
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